Travel Tips - Austria

Some points to note when travelling to/in Austria:

LPG – If you use Gaslow or other refillable gas system you will find Austria is not blessed with many outlets, (about 12!). You can get a list of these at,1098021. The alternative is to get a ‘pigtail’ and use Austrian Cylinders whilst on holiday.

Austria is blessed with many campsites – most open during the winter. We have never had a problem just turning up, (even in mid February – Austrian schools do not have half term). However wild camping is frowned on – and often banned. – Do not expect to have much space on your pitch – vans can be quite tightly spaced.

Motorways and many trunk roads are subject to either a ‘Vignette’ if under 3.5 tonnes – or a ‘GoBox’ – the GoBox is simple – but expensive! – Make sure you take your registration documents with you.

We travelled to Austria via Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany – Diesel in Luxembourg was 30 cents per litre cheaper than Germany! – the route is toll free – which almost covers the cost of the campsites!

Austrian resorts are comparatively close and more accessible than those in France – so visiting multiple resorts in a week is easy – it is often less than an hour down the road to the next one – and you do not normally have to negotiate a difficult mountain road to get there.

Thanks to Graham Smith for the info