Alpe d'Huez


Alpe d’Huez

Aire: Parking de Brandes at Les Bergers.  On entering Village turn right at first roundabout (with multi-storey carpark “Les Bergers” ahead.) Follow signs for the Altiport and Tennis Courts and you will arrive at the Aire. It’s big (Brandes car park has 75 places and is better for the bigger motorhomes) with views and a sunny aspect. It was quiet when we were there, half camping cars, half saisonnaires, but we experienced no problems or nuisance. Free parking. Flot Bleu for water and waste (10 Euros per night which will get you 80 litres water and 1 hour electricity with free drainage or 4 Euros per day if you just want 80 litres of water). Purchase token from Les Bergers car park or the sports centres where there are toilets, rubbish and recycling bins. LPG (GPL) is available at the fuel station at the entrance to the L’Eclose car park (25) places. 


23 Feb 2010 - Update by Graham Wood.

Aire/Campsite details:

Last week we stayed on the aire already listed on the site. However there have been some changes and this is an update to the existing information. There is now a machine and a double set of barriers at entrance to the aire, you have to pull up before the first barrier and go to the machine to pay via credit card, cost is 10.40 euros per night and includes electricty and water via the service point. Once you have paid, printed on your receipt is a number, which you then have to key into the same machine again, this gives you the code to open the barriers. Warning the first barrier opens automatically but do not proceed until you have the access code from machine as it will not work. It is still possible to pay in cash at the sports centre on Rue Brandes but you must still get the access code from the machine. Once in we experienced no problems, it was busy being half term and we were the only English van on site but all the french owners were friendly enough.

Resort details:

We found the aire was signposted once you have entered the resort

Skiing details:

We found the aire was ideally placed for the Marmottes and Alpauris chairlifts, being about a 10 mins (8 year old pace) walk to either.



















n.b. The other Aire in many guides, Parking de L’Eclose, no longer exists.

Nearest Campsite: Bourg dOisans.

Ski School Master Class highly recommended, this small British run ski school offers private lessons or small groups 3x2 hour mornings. Tel:+33 (0) 476 809383 Vaujany (linked to Alpe d’Huez ski area).

Aire: Near cable car, free parking and services, electric 5 euros/24 hours, obtain token for hook-up from Tourist Office. Indoor swimming pool nearby.

Info from Ruth Bass updated in 2009 by Sharon Ames