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La Bresse Hohneck

This skiing area is situated in the Vosges Mountains to the west of Mulhouse. It has a number of things going for it and there are one or two potential drawbacks. Initially, we came across it by accident as we were looking for a place to ski on the way down to Les Saises where we normally go. It is about 5 hrs from Calais with only 350 miles on the motorway at a cost of 38 Euros. After Nancy the dual carriageway is fast and free and quite picturesque. It makes a good stop over for 3 or 4 days when going south and only adds on another 120 miles.

The Aire is right in the telecabine carpark with toilets in the large restaurant, or should I say under it. It will accommodate about 25 vans which park across the slope so you will need some good wedges to keep the van flat. There is another carpark which will take vans opposite the Ski du Fond ( about 17 max) and this is about 100 metres from the telecabines. The good news is that it is free!!!! The bad news is that you can only get water and tip your waste 4 Km down the road in La Bresse itself.

You therefore need to organise yourself carefully in order to prolong your stay. There is a campsite Camping Belle Hutte. You park in its forecourt, use the facilities and they charge you E27.30 for the night for the privilege but you do get 6 amp electricity but no space for an awning. It is walkable to the slopes which can be skied in one day. Campsite is easy to access but to leave involves an incline that need snow chains.

La Bresse is a clean, small town with all the usual facilities. It has a brand new swimming pool with jaccuzi, slides and a sun lamp deck all indoors ( 4 euros). Excellent for a break from the pistes, whilst you are tipping your waste. The new Office of Tourism is in the same building. A medium sized Super U is on the main road.

The skiing!

It is not a large domain. 5 green, 18 blue, 11 red and 1 black. 75% of the runs have snow cannons on them and these all have floodlights. The pistes are open from 6.00 hrs till 20.00 hrs so there is a lot of time to get through all the runs. The pricing is quite complex but about half the price that we pay at Les Saises. You can ski at night with a 10 run restricted ticket of 8.50 euros. All day tickets average out at 18 Euros a day depending on how you work the system and how old you are. Expert skiers will give this one a miss but it is great for beginners and intermediates or three days just to get you into the groove before moving on.

The main drawback is the snow. The resort is only at 850 metres so it is low and consequently looses its snow quickly but they do keep the cannons going so when you go on the webcam on the site you can see where the vans park and the clearly defined pistes if the snow is in short supply. It is a good idea to check this site to see if it is worth going out of your way. It can get very cold here –15degs when we went in January so if there is snow it is well worth paying it a visit it is quite a magical place. It does tend to be popular with the Dutch and the Belgiums especially in holidays and weekends. Most of the French will be locals. It would be an excellent place for young children to learn to toboggan.

Thanks to Ned.