The Lecht



This is a ski area of Scotland that is renowned for holding its snow and being covered before and longer than the other Scottish resorts. The Ski area is just about Scotland's most northerly. The Lecht is at 2090 feet above sea level amid the beauty of the Eastern Cairngorms.

As with most ski areas that are low lying, you will of course need to ensure that the area is open prior to any travel. For our family it sits well as from the north of the Midlands we can reach it on a good day in about 6-7 hours, or in other words, leave after school, arrive close to midnight, an d then ski Saturday and Sunday and be tucked up in bed for Midnight on Sunday. The ski area is practically in the middle of nowhere with some difficult approach roads. The Lecht is best approached from the A9.

The runs consist of 7 Green 7 blue 5 red and 1 black. Not the most challenging, but if you have young children then of course you can always do a bit of snow tubing for some fun. There are some great hang on lifts for the nursery slopes and I would say a very good area to learn to ski/board.

As for using this area with a motor home? Well there is a large car park at the lift station/hire shop. There is not a problem with staying there as long as you take your rubbish away with you. It is very remote so providing that you do not cause a nuisance to anyone then I am sure wild camping would be fine. Or simply put we were not disturbed. But expect to be lonely.

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Report by Paul Nicholls.